Sound Energy

Sound energy is an ancient science, which determines how people react to sound vibrations, language, singing, chanting and healing.

Sound energy meditation techniques can be used for healing and enhancing the aura.  We all have an aura around us with energy centres or chakras within them.  These can be seen, with the naked eye, by highly developed human beings or be photographed.  These energies/chakras have different vibrations.  Sound energy meditation can help human conscious become aware of our energy centres.

Sound energy is very effective and proven to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace within us.  This state of consciousness would lead to a peaceful, healthier lifestyle.

The frequency of our brain waves is of Beta, during our waking state.  Sound energy can alter the brain wave frequency to go into a deeper, Alpha and Theta state.  These frequencies are of the deep meditative and peaceful states.



Where Sound Energy is used

Sound energy has been around ever since creation began.  It is said that the world was created by a big bang.  Before a child is born it hears sound.  Sound and the energy that it creates have been used throughout time, from ancient, right the way through to modern times.

"Music without words means leaving behind the mind.  And leaving behind the mind is meditation.  Meditation returns you to the source.  And the source of all is sound." 

Ancient teachings claim that everything in our physical world, each structure or form, has a unique tone.

In India, sound plays an important part in singing and music.  The rhythm, tempo determines movement and can raise or lower your energy levels.  In the west, opera singers have the same effect.

Mystics used to chant mantras to cure diseases, attain power and knowledge.

Tibetan monks use singing bowls.  The singing bowls are used to purify the surroundings by the frequency resonated from them.  Traditional bowls would be made from a composition of five metals.  When resonated, the frequency would kill germs and bacteria.  This practice is still used today by monks all over the world.

Indian temples (Mandirs) and traditional churches use the singing bowl principle in the form of a bell.  When the bell is struck it creates sound, and this sound purifies surroundings, ready for meditation to take place.

According to Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui – wind chimes should be hung in the home. This is so that as doors open and close or the wind moves the chimes together they create a sound.  This sound produces pure energy which cancels any negative energy; this is thought of bringing good luck, prosperity and peace to the household.

The Japanese Samurai used to check the quality of their swords through tapping the blade with tuning forks.  This would show the quality of the metal, craftsmanship, thickness of the blade from tip to handle – the greater the balance of frequency, the greater the balance of the sword.

Martial arts also use sound in the form of a Kiai (battle cry).  This was used to strike fear into your enemy.  Some martial arts used this when striking so that they can transfer frequency through their enemies to create an imbalance in their body – just like a ripple effect.  This war cry could also be very deadly as if fine tuned can kill instantly.

Bruce Lee used to use this principle in his martial arts on screen and off screen.  Bruce Lee had fined tuned himself to give out a battle cry with each strike.

Scientists use tuning forks to explain the theory of molecules and their resonating frequencies.  How this frequency then determines the strength of a material.

Legends in Mexico and Peru tell of ancient people whose scientists could cut massive blocks of stones with sound along precise harmonic lines.  In addition, they would "resonate" the blocks into position, accurately constructing temples of Uxmal and Machu Pichu.  Palaces in India were designed with domes to resonate sound, and kings used to have peace of mind with the thought that if their enemies were plotting against him, then sound would travel around the dome, and to his ears.

Below is a clip demonstrating the power of sound energy and its uses within martial arts.  The clip is from Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves which was made and broadcasted on television by the BBC.  This documentary is presented by Chris Crudelli who travels around Asia exploring and learning ancient skills and knowledge. Chris Crudelli is himself a master of esoteric energies.



Benefits of Sound Energy

The following benefits can be obtained from sound energy meditation :

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Emotional balance
  • Holistic healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy therapy

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